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Top 10 Best Abaya Wearing Tips

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Anil Panghal

Thursday, August 8, 2019 9:19:54 AM Asia/Dubai

abaya wearing tips

Abaya forms a staple part of the fashion of Muslim women. There are many who feel that wearing an abaya outfit hampers their fashion. On the other hand, there are some who feel that abaya cannot be worn in a stylish manner. Now, at this point in time, if you are looking for some of the tips for wearing an abaya in a stylish way, here are the tips to follow.  

Best tips - How to wear an Abaya in a stylish way

1. Length Should be Perfect

The first tip of effective abaya fashion is that it should necessarily be of the perfect length. You need to make sure that you choose the abaya as per your length. If an abaya is sweeping the ground or if it is too short, it would never look glamorous. At the time of buying an abaya, it would be a very good idea to try it with heels as well as flats and it would be best to for the length that is just a couple of centimeters below the ankle. With an appropriate size, the abaya outfit looks just too gorgeous and glamourous. 

2. Length of the Arm

The length of the sleeve of the abaya is extremely important and so as the length of the hem. It should neither be too short nor too long since both can ruin the look. The sleeves act like the icing on the cake. It is to be made sure that the sleeves should end just at the wrists unless you are looking for a 3 quarter sleeve length. 

3. Flattering Fit

It is always recommended to go for a flattering fit which would certainly look the best. Now to effectively do the same, you need to go for abaya styles that flow rather than the ones that stick. Moreover, going for a regular fit abaya allows it to be tied at the waist which necessarily keeps the outfit modest yet too stylish.

4. Choice of Material

The choice of material matters a lot in case of the abaya dress style. This is undoubtedly a huge factor for a stylish abaya outfit particularly in the case where you wish to go for the one that flatters your shape. Going for the stiff materials which roll off and create wider shoulders would not all be the right choice. So, it is ideal to go for the dress materials that not only look good but are also comfortable to wear. When you are comfortable with something, the style comes automatability.

5. Layering it On

You can go for a layered abaya if you wish but make sure to choose an undergarment that does not ruin the abaya dress style.  It would be appropriate to go for a simple and light closed abaya along with a classy open abaya at the top or hijab abaya styles which provides a very beautiful look and also a great way to have sufficient layers.

6. Avoid Excessive Layers

For stylish abaya, it is better to make the abaya slick and not thick. Too much of layering under the overlay can damage a streamlined look. Thus, it is appropriate to stick to a foundation abaya outfit which consists of materials that are lightweight in nature. 

7. Keep the Weather in Mind

At the time of wearing an abaya, it is ideal to keep the weather in mind. You should certainly be wearing the perfect abaya outfit depending on the weather conditions. The selection of the best material for suiting the requirements of the weather is important. In the summer when there is a lot of heat, you can go for the lightweight options and in the colder weather, you can choose an abaya outfit that is thicker and necessarily suits all of the functional needs. 

8. Originality

Going for a new style abaya would certainly be a very good idea to flaunt your style but the plain black abayas never ever go out of fashion. These plain black abayas are just perfect for almost all purposes which clearly proves that originality is not outdated at any point of time. 

9. Consider the Occasion

At the time of going for an abaya outfit, it is of immense importance to consider the occasion for which you are wearing abaya. If you plan for regular use, then you can choose a simple and stylish one. But if you wish to wear the abaya for any particular occasion, then the abaya needs to be selected accordingly. If you have a wedding occasion, avail the beautiful abayas for weddings which would just be appropriate for the occasion.

10. Steam Finish is Essential

Nobody likes wearing abaya that is wrinkled and hence you need to make sure that the abaya outfit you go for looks new with a steam finish. Steaming necessarily imparts a new look to your old abaya and plays a vital role in making the outfit stand out with a flawless finish. 

Keeping all these abaya dress style tips would make sure you look beautiful and stylish.