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Benefitpaste Kids Sensitivity Chewing Gum Flavour Toothpaste - 70 gms (Pack of 3)


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We dream of a world where our kids don't know the meaning of tooth decay. As Australian dentists, we created a preventative kids toothpaste with proven, evidence-backed ingredients to benefit a young, growing smile. The problem is that tooth decay is a worldwide pandemic. One strategy to reduce the incidence is by making sure our children brush their teeth for longer and across all teeth surfaces. After placing a pea size of benefitpaste on a soft-bristled toothbrush, use this time to engage your child with imaginative stories inspired by our packet. By ensuring our children brush for 2 minutes, morning and night, we are doing our big to help prevent tooth decay, at-home. Strategies, benefit product designed by Australian dentists.
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