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Ancient Living Insect Repellent Blended Oil


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Ancient Living Organic Insect Repellent blend has a pleasant aroma, and can be quite effective in keeping the little itchy critters away. Individual Oil Benefits: Citronella Oil, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Peppermint Oil Citronella Oil: 1. Citronella oil can be used as an insect repellent, for colds and flu, for clearing the mind and to kill any nasty germs in the air. 2. Citronella oil is noted for its efficiency in repelling mosquitoes. 3. It has proven successful in repelling the dreaded Aedes aegypti, a species of mosquito that spread diseases like dengue fever, chikungunya, and yellow fever. 4. It is claimed to be very effective at repelling various types of insects. Lavender Oil: 1. Lavender Oil is used to repel insects and moths 2. Lavender is wonderful as a natural insect repellent and it to keep those pesky gnats away when you are out working in the yard. 3. Considered to be one of the best herbal insect repellents, the strong scent of lavender is disliked by numerous bugs, including mosquitoes and flies 4. Lavender oil is a unique insect repellant that is safe, effective and has no side effects Eucalyptus Oil: 1. Eucalyptus is another natural mosquito repellent. 2. Eucalyptus has a strong smell that is believed to confuse mosquitoes

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