Allen Vasakof Honey Cough Syrup 4Kids 100ml

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  • Information about Allen Vasakof Honey Cough Syrup 4Kids Allen Vasakof Honey Cough Syrup 4 Kids helps in the treatment of common cold tickling cough chest congestion laryngitis bronchitis pneumonia pulmonary tuberculosis bronchial asthma whooping cough and productive cough. Key Ingredients: Pulsatill anigricans Antimonium tartaricum 3x Coccus cacti 3x Ipecacuanha 2x Bryonia alba Q Droserarotundifolia Key Benefits: Treats common cold including moist dry tight or a tickling cough Effective in chest congestion breathlessness lung inflammation Helps in tickling cough whooping cough productive cough cough with mucus and nausea Effective for patients suffering from bronchitis bronchial asthma Provides relief in pneumonia pulmonary tuberculosis laryngitis Also helps in treating paroxysmal dry cough dyspnoea asthma with spasmodic cough Useful in the treatment of hoarse barking and laryngeal cough Controls cough due to throat and bronchial irritation Directions For Use: 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls after food three times in a day or as directed by the physician Safety Information: Read the label carefully before use Do not exceed the recommended dose Keep out of the reach of children
  • WCCCVS-Mg-V-87