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Aimil Amree Plus Granules


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AMREE PLUS is a comprehensive oral anti-hyperglycemic for the management of Diabetes Mellitus. It also helps delay triopathic complications associated with diabetes due to its Plus effects in toning the system. AMREE PLUS is a synergistic mix of active constituents from nature's herbs that have been used all over the world from times immemorial. The formulation is specifically designed to provide comprehensive benefits w.r.t. glucose metabolism, insulin production and utilization, lipids metabolism as well as to alleviate the symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, excessive thirst etc. The processing of the ingredients of AMREE PLUS is done in a specific manner so as to retain their active thermolabile and proteinous components that are otherwise destroyed AMREE PLUS SHOULD BE TAKEN IN RECOMMENDED DOSAGE ABOUT œ HR BEFORE MEALS WITH WATER INITIALLY ALONG WITH THE RECOMMENDED ALLOPATHIC DRUGS It Exerts insulin mimic effect due to the polypeptide derivatives that resemble insulin in structure and action. It Tones the islets of pancreas to regularize the secretion of insulin. Does not enhance insulin release in subjects under normal glycemic conditions but enhances the release in diabetics. It Delays the absorption of glucose from gastro-intestinal tract due to the soluble dietary fibers present in its ingredients. It exhibits inhibitory action against glucose uptake in small intestine of experimental subjects. Amree Plus also suppresses selectively neural response of sweet taste stimuli on tongue. It activates the liver for effective glucose and lipid metabolism. Bio-chemical studies suggest that Amree Plus increases sensitivity to insulin. Amree plus acts as System Toner by regularizing the cholesterol level, exerting anti-oxidant & immuno-modulatory role. It provides essential nutrients for the well being of diabetics like bioflavonoids, glycosides, tannins, several micronutrients etc. HOW AMREE PLUS BENEFICIAL
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