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Advance Nutratech Weight Gainer Supplement Powder w/ 80% Whey Protein Powder Concentrate, 1 Kg


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This smart product helps you reach your muscle gains conveniently & hassle free even with today's hectic schedules. Being scientifically formulated & tested, this product helps you achieve greater results with no hormonal imbalances. All the vitamins added are essential for protein metabolism & immune system health. They are also needed for protecting cell walls, & tooth growth & proper . Folic acid is needed to regenerate & news cells, especially red cells. Their nutritional information is to the point, filled with information about essential amino acids & non essential amino acids. It will blend into almost anything you'd like to mix it with like cold water, whole milk or skimmed milk. You can easily add fruits & nuts of your choice with a lot of ice cubes & even peanut butter for a thicker consistency. But you must always ask your instructor or nutritionist to recommend you what to take it with. The main protein present in milk is called casein which is also added, to minimize or prevent muscle breakdown which our body naturally does as a process. Casein stops that process & helps to retain those hard earned muscles.
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