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Welcome to DBSouq.com – Your one-stop-destination for anything and everything online in the Middle East! Before we get you apprised of about who we are and what we intend to do, let’s take you through our ubiquitous online shopping website offering products in a diverse range of categories for men, women, kids and your other needs as well as services also. Through this, let us get you acquainted with this trend called online shopping or e-shopping. Online shopping has indeed taken the consumer world by storm although it is a relatively modern concept. If we take into account the developments in the virtual world on the World Wide Web over the last few years, then we will be greeted with one glaring fact – The traditional modes of shopping are slowly but steadily being replaced with more modern ways namely online shopping or e-shopping as it is popularly known as. Like anywhere else in the world, Middle East too has adopted this modern way of shopping online with quite an amount of amusing affinity and astonishing speed. As the technology and internet penetration through Smartphones and other gadgets goes deeper into the societies, people tend to be more and more net-savvy. As a direct consequence of this we see great many innovative tools and techniques surface that affect most of the facets of life and retail or commerce is not susceptible to these developments. As a result, what we see today in the field of commerce is the digital influence that has ushered in a new era of online shopping or e-shopping or e-retailing as it goes by. It is such digital demand that has prompted us in bringing and offering you our humble e-portal www.dbsouq.com – designed, developed and dedicated to the customers in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai and All GCC Countries.


When we conceptualized dbsouq.com, the one point agenda that we had, was to bring every single wished or desired product under one roof! True to our determination, we have everything available to meet your needs. From clothes and fashion accessories to smart phones and computers; from footwear to automobile accessories; from customary ethnic wear to most modern western wear; from kids clothing, toys and accessories to books, DVDs and CDs; from building and construction materials to virtual reality gaming consoles; from grocery items to kitchen appliances; from electronics to fashion jewellery and accessories – Yes we, have got every category enclosed in our online shopping store. Not only products, but we also offer you services in many important and vital fields such as Tours and Travels, Real Estate, Wedding Services, Forex, Financial Services, and Entertainment etc. This blend of products from all categories and critical services is what makes us stand out in the rest of the heap. This is the unique feature of dbsouq.com – a ubiquitous website with products for both men and women and kids also plus professional services in many essential areas to aid you in your transactions.


As the premier online shopping portal, we at dbsouq.com have brought in a distinctive online business model where buyers and sellers remain on the same page! That is to say that both the sellers and buyers remain complimentary to each other resulting in an assured mutually beneficial relationship on our website. Vendors and sellers have more reasons to cherish as our ‘Pay Per Sale’ (PPS) model of business ensures that as vendors or sellers you pay only when your products are sold. Considering the fact that the e-commerce industry in UAE is estimated to reach $10 billion (Dh36.7 billion) in value by 2018 and projected to grow exponentially thereafter, it becomes only imperative to have a proper online existence. We, dbsouq.com, would like to be your platform in this direction.


We bring customers and commodities as one single unit on our website and act as a bridge between the customers and the sellers. Our unique business model and unflinching desire to meet any and all of our customer’s expectations are the dual factors that act as a guiding force in our every efforts. We are resolved in making dbsouq.com a place where renowned manufacturers, brands, and sellers come together and showcase their valuable products to our valuable customers! In that sense, this is the online place where value meets value to redefine the way online shopping is being perceived and practiced.


At dbsouq.com, we are committed to the customers and hence for us the customer is the king. We steadfastly adhere and follow the principle that for us ‘Customer is First’. That is why we walk that extra mile to bring that elusive product for which you were longing so much from so long! Whether you were searching for that exquisite ethnic wear showcasing your graceful feminity  and shine in your special moments or looking for that trendy western wear to sport your glamour; whether you were desperately looking for a matching stylish jewellery and fashion accessory or a handy handbag; whether you were yearning to satisfy your foot fetish by wearing some really modern footwear designs or grooming or fashion accessories; whether you were looking for that sportswear, jackets etc to display your hunk look or latest accessories for your bike or car to drive your craze; whether you are yearning to get that ‘oh, so well groomed’ kind of  gentleman look or that rugged, rough and rocky dynamic look – we have a perfect product matching your needs and desires. If you are a realtor looking for quality building materials or a business person looking for financial, auditing, Forex and accountant services, or just anyone searching for a reliable tour and travel agency services – we have a perfect solution to your service requirements. The icing on the cake is that all such premium quality products and professional services are available on our site dbsouq.com along with some really irresistible deals, mega discounts, coupon code sales etc for the exclusive benefit of our customers.

In a nutshell, by shopping with us online you will get:

  1. Vast Range of Products: We literally have everything covered in our online shopping store giving you a flexible option to choose from thousands of quality products
  2. Competitive Prices: All our premium products are priced reasonably that bring smiles on your faces
  3. Prompt Customer Service: Our customer service team is always ready to attend your queries with prompt service.
  4. Easy Return Policy: Our easy return policies enable you to return any product and get your desired products easily without any hassles.
  5. Swift Shipping and Extended Warranty: We ship your products in record swift time and bring your favorite products right to your doorstep. Extended warranty on all products.
  6. Neat and Safe Packaging: We pack your products in a very safe and neat manner so that your products reach you undamaged.
  7. Global Reach: With presence in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, and GCC countries, Egypt, and Jordan we are truly global in reach.
  8. Branded and Authentic Products: All our products are authentic and branded. A multi-layered quality checking process ensures you get only high quality products.
  9. World Class Shopping Experience: With professional employees dedicated to serve you and best in class products, we give you a world class shopping experience.
  10. Secure Payment and Easy Checkout: We understand your concerns. On dbsouq.com all your payment details are double encrypted offering you Sound Secure Payment and easy checkout process.

With these resolutions and visions, we at the DBSouq.com are committed to make the online shopping experience truly world-class and exceptional because for us what’s most important is YOU! – Customer is the most important person for us and we leave no stone unturned to fulfill your every desire and wish while shopping online with us.