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A-TAPE Tourmaline Pain Relief Kinesiology Tape Waterproof (Heating Tape) Knee, Calf & Thigh Support (Free Size, Beige)


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The A-TAPE Tourmaline Kinesiology Tape is a neuromuscular bandage similar in terms of composition, elasticity,... The A-TAPE Kinesiology Tape, to which it has incorporated the tourmaline. What is the tourmaline? The tourmaline is a precious gem of different colours that in addition to its use in jewellery, is used with technological and scientific purposes due to which it can induce an electric drum simply by applying pressure on the gem in a certain direction. Also the tourmaline in contact with the water releases negative ions, and is what occurs in a sportsman that makes exercise and has the leather in contact with the Tourmaline; the sportsman Suda and tourmaline to contact with sweat, releases negative ions. What Effects are beneficial negative ions? Mainly improves blood flow and has an effect sedativo nervous to local level. With the improvement of the movement, it favors the aclaramiento lactate (it eliminates the Lactate faster) and improves physical performance. Also improves the recovery. The effect on the nerves leads to a decrease of muscle pain. What Effects has the A-TAPE Tourmaline Kinesiology Tape? The effects of the use of A-TAPE Tourmaline Kinesiology Tape comes from the addition of those obtained through the Kinesiology Tape, to which is added the improvement of physical performance, the improvement of the recovery and the reduction of muscle pain. Its use is especially indicated in people engaged in physical activity, with which it produces perspiration to contact with the active neuromuscular bandage the release of negative ions by the tourmaline.
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