24 Hours Organic Nature Jonk Oil Organic Hair Growth Oil Jonk tail Leech Oil Unisex 3 Packs 110ml Each Hair Oil 330 ml

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  • 24 Hours Organic JONK OIL is an extremely powerful blend of ancient herbs that are used for treating hair loss without any side effects since ancient times. Jonk oil - Leech Oil is renowned as an organic hair growth oil as it stimulates the hair follicles for the hair to grow and can be used on a daily basis due to the use of natural ingredients. 24 Hours Organic JONK OIL- Leech oil contains 100% pure herbs Sesame (Til oil) Bhringraj (Keshraj) Neelibhringadi oil Mahamohi (Datura) Triphala. These natural oils have a very high penetration capability which stimulates the hair follicle and restores the health of hair and scalp. It increases scalp circulation with more blood flow to the hair follicle which stops hair loss and boosts hair growth. This Indian hair growth oil controls moisture and prevents dryness at the level of the hair follicle and therefore it strengthens the hair roots by giving deep nourishment. It also provides UV protection from the harsh rays of the sun as it forms a protective layer on your hair and shields it from pollution chemical and undesired elements. This hair treatment oil has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties which make it the best oil to get rid of dandruff lice and scalp flakiness. Loaded with vitamin B vitamin E B-complex calcium magnesium proteins and phosphorus 24 Hours Organic JONK OIL is the best oil for scalp and hair growth. The regular use of this natural hair growth oil will prevent premature graying of hair treats split ends and maintains the strength & health of hair. This oil acts as a natural hair darkener making hair looks visibly thicker and shiny. 1 bottle contains 110 ml pure Indian Hair growth oil. It comes in a pearl pet bottle with a classy curvy neck. It is the most effective oil for hair growth and effective in hair loss hair fall and baldness.